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IS GROUPFUND RIGHT FOR ME?Financial solutions for every Young Indian


Employees Explore our financial solutions designed for working men, women and couples that let you plan your finances exceptionally well, in tandem with your career plan. Read More...


Self Employed Be it for more office space and working capital; or for attending conferences and workshops to be abreast of the developments in your field, we have a way out. Read More...


Entrepreneurs Who else can invest in your idea, its validation, generating demand and scale it to new heights; except you? We are glad to be part of start-up ecosystem with our innovative solutions. Read More...

HOW GROUPFUND HELPS YOUYour search for short-term finance ends here

Your search for short-term savings solution with less or no risk ends here. GroupFund can earn better Rate of Interest compared to any alternative short-term solutions extended by banks. Explore our funds tailor-made for your needs, given your profession and occupation. Save today!
Your efforts to borrow short-term funds with lower interest rates should begin here. Why pay exorbitant interest, when you can bargain same with little planning? Bye bye reams of documentation. All you need is just 3 people who can recommend you. That simple!! Borrow tomorrow!
Being a subscriber of GroupFund, you can connect with other subscribers from various walks of life, but with common financial objectives. Go Social and connect for an economic purpose to fuel the economy.

GROUPFUND SYMBOLIZES TRUSTYou can bank on our years of expertise

We strive hard to earn your trust and in the process we get evaluated by ourselves with our customers, industry bodies and other 3rd parties from time to time. Please explore the status quo on our credentials and keep a watch on this space.