Company - Overview

Easy Access Simple eligibility criteria, logical documentation and quick processing.


Know Your Group Know the details of other members of your group to assess the individual risk.


Pay at your convenience Internet banking, Debit card, or request for FREE cash pick-up.


Online Auctions Participate in monthly scheduled auctions from anywhere in the world.


Quick Disbursements Loan disbursement within 7 business days of submitting required docs.


Professional Networking Connect with like minded professionals and leverage the contacts.

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GroupFund is an award-winning business model of the Year (First Six in Velocity Business Showcase of TiE-ISB Connect 2010), in the domain of highly competitive financial services sector. Our objective is to offer proven but an alternate means of saving and borrowing solution to fast-growing population of knowledge workers, self-employed professionals and Gen-Y entrepreneurs while extending the benefits of convenience and transparency coupled with power of professional networking. GroupFund is an entity from the house of RBCF with more than three decades of market standing by enjoying the credibility and trust of lakhs of subscribers. The financial solutions offered by GroupFund go much beyond the traditional practices making it the most preferred organization amongst the emerging subscriber class of the knowledge society.


Be the leading NBFC to extend rewarding short-term financial solutions to ever-growing young & knowledge communities.


1. Attract, nurture, and retain talent from diversified background.
2. Leverage technology to offer convenience and enhance transparency of operations.
3. Create a scalable business model.
4. Pursue financial innovation to stay ahead of the curve.
5. Build self-service technological platforms to stay cost competitive.

Need for Genesis

In the emerging economy of new India, the only segment where workforce is getting added is the knowledge segment. Knowledge workforce is getting younger by the day as the entry rate is higher than the superannuation rate. These employees are by nature opportunity-driven rather than necessity-driven as they originate from higher middle class income families. Powered by high earnings, they are constantly on the look-out for easy access to short-term funds to purchase expensive durable goods to flaunt their new found wealth. Banks and Non-banks charge prohibitive rates for such unsecured lending to young borrowers without a credible track record. While micro finance companies exist to serve the unbanked population in the rural sector, there is no tailor-made financial institution that can recognize the contemporary financial needs of the knowledge sector operating in the urban areas. GroupFund endeavours to serve this sweet spot of the market space for the benefit of one and all.

Historically, there was a mushroom growth of NBFCs in this short-term financial product marketplace. However, due to the unhealthy business practices of the industry there was large-scale regulatory intervention adding additional cost to operations. NBFCs were marginalized in the new regulatory environment as they lacked scale to compete with banks that have deeper pockets. Further, lack of innovation in terms of customer profiling and market segmentation resulted in offering standardized financial products without differentiating class and mass. GroupFund with a clear focus on target segments aims to make a dent in the lucrative knowledge society by tailoring financial products to suit unique needs of the subscribers.



GROUPFUND SYMBOLIZES TRUSTYou can bank on our years of expertise

We strive hard to earn your trust and in the process we get evaluated by ourselves with our customers, industry bodies and other 3rd parties from time to time. Please explore the status quo on our credentials and keep a watch on this space.