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Stock Markets attract lots of knowledge workers and professionals as it offers higher returns than traditional investment products. However, if we were to track the returns on the benchmark index, SENSEX, the annual average returns were around 13.20% p.a. for a holding period of 3 years. If the holding period is just one year the returns could have been higher at 18.83% p.a. but the downside risk could be as much as 52.45% p.a. as the probability of losses is at around 50%. It means that investors should hold their investments for a longer duration to drive down losses but the returns also get normalized and stay lower with the increase in holding period. The risk-to-return ratio of stock markets do not justify a short holding period making them least attractive in the short-run (less than 3 years).

While the aforementioned table gives details of the shakers and movers of the market which comprise the sensex, there are lots of dud stocks in the market which generate negative returns. These dud stocks are highly illiquid and are seldom quoted in the market. When an investor wants to exit from the stock, there will not be any buyers. Some of them are infrequently traded and there is no information available about the company’s financial performance or even existence. Investments in stock markets require in-depth understand and only a seasoned investor can beat the markets consistently by generating higher returns at lower risk. It requires deep commitment in terms of time and knowledge workers find it difficult to allocate and hence prefer to deal with professional asset managers of a mutual fund.

A Group Fund is a more appropriate investment as it is not subjected to market risks of volatility and illiquidity. All members of a Group Fund are eligible to participate in auctions till they receive the prize money. The returns are more stable and the product also serves the twin requirements of borrowing and saving. GroupFund has an enviable trackrecord of 32 years and is specially designed to meet your unique needs. You can participate in shorter duration funds and need not necessarily wait for 3 years like investments in stock markets to generate a decent yield.


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