How It Works

Enrol in a Fund of your choice

Enrol in any of the Group Fund schemes of different fund value. For instance, let's assume that you enrol in a scheme of Rs. 1 lakh for 25 months consisting of 25 members.

Contribute Monthly

Now, pay Rs.4000 in first month and respective contributions for 24 months. You can pay the amount by cash, cheque, or online through debit card or internet banking.

Participate in Auction

When the auction is conducted, eligible members participate in the auction either through Internet or SMS or IVRS. If a member bid for Rs. 30,000, which is the maximum amount, then he/she is declared as the Prized Subscriber. If two or more participants bid for Rs.30,000 discount, then the successful bidder is determined by draw of lots by system.

Earn Dividend

The discount amount Rs.30,000 available will be equally distributed to all the members of the group, after deducting Rs.5000 which is foreman’s commission. This means you earn Rs.1000 as dividend, in which case your next monthly contribution will be Rs.3000 only.

Quick Disbursement

Every month, a Successful Bidder gets his prized amount (in our illustration it is Rs.70,000) and it is disbursed within 7 working days after submission of necessary documentation and verification, to the satisfaction of the company. The Prized Subscriber continues to pay his/her monthly contributions till the end of fund tenure.

Withdraw Your Funds

The dividend earned each month is the profit for all subscribers who take their money at the end of 25 months.


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