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Financing constraints are one of the biggest concerns impacting potential and budding Gen-Y entrepreneurs around the world, who are armed with a hefty dose of optimism and pumping adrenalin. With high degree of demand uncertainty, all start-ups may not attract an angel fund or a venture capital fund to test your idea and its business viability. A growing business may not be interested to dilute its equity rather opt for bootstrapping to scale up its operations. It could be an issue of paying your employees and vendors when sales grow, and mind you, they grow fast when they do. Or that of pumping more capital into the business to increase your capacities to meet the growing demand of your products and services. Who else can invest in your idea, its validation, generating demand and scale it to new heights; except you?

Presenting funds/schemes for entrepreneurs from GroupFund, that help you meet working capital needs, long-term needs of asset creation and the uncertainties of the market respectively. All this, in the company of like-minded, fellow entrepreneurs.


A Fund envisaged for acquiring fixed assets for business expansion.


A Fund for financing/part-financing entrepreneurs' working capital needs.


A Fund providing temporary working capital in unhealthy business climates.


30000per month


12000per month


20000per month

Tenure (Months) 30 25 30
No. of Members 30 25 30
Fund Value (Rs.) 9,00,000 3,00,000 6,00,000

GROUPFUND SYMBOLIZES TRUSTYou can bank on our years of expertise

We strive hard to earn your trust and in the process we get evaluated by ourselves with our customers, industry bodies and other 3rd parties from time to time. Please explore the status quo on our credentials and keep a watch on this space.