Mr. B. Damodhar Rao

Mr. B. Damodhar Rao is the Founder of RBCF. He has a vast experience of 42 years in Finance and Banking, which includes 22 years in the field of chit fund business alone. Mr. Rao worked as a Manager with Union Bank of India (UBI) for 20 years, from 1968 to 1988. He managed the rural, semi-urban, as well as the Metropolitan branches of UBI in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. In 1978, he came to Hyderabad and started RBCF in 1979, with a seed capital of Rs.15,000 and just one chit group of 25 members. However, he was not actively involved in the administration or affairs of the company, but only provided direction and support to the company. In 1988, Mr. Rao resigned his job from UBI and took over RBCF in 1989.

Mr. Rao strongly believes that the customer should not suffer, and it is this genuine concern for the customer that has sustained the company for close to three decades. Apart from this, he believes that factors such as sincerity, honesty, and commitment are paramount and instrumental in taking the company forward. Mr. Rao feels that careful selection of people, proper training, good encouragement, allowing employees to learn from their mistakes, coupled with good remuneration and incentives were strongly responsible for the company’s tremendous growth over the years. The motto of the company, according to him, is: “You trust us; we will give you the best.”

Mr. B. Sunil Rao

Mr. Sunil is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, Project Leader, and Director of RBCF. Mr. Sunil worked in the US for 9 years and has experience of managing TrendaSource, a software services company, and RK Constructions, a contruction company, besides software product development and software consulting experience. He gained his experience by working in various roles at Oracle Corporation, Motorola, Extraprise and Gevity. He has been delivery head for large-scale, multi-million dollar projects. While at Extraprise, he delivered a B2B EcommBuilder product for a startup. Prior to TrendaSource, he was responsible for setting up US sales office, delivery process, and business practices. He is experienced in all phases of a project cycle, including requirements, design, implementation, testing, packaging, release management, support and project management. He brings IT, ITES, sales management experience, and entrepreneurial talents to Group Fund.

At Group Fund, Mr. Sunil is taking the traditional chit fund business to the next level by making it accessible for younger workforce, while embracing the technology. He has not compromised an iota on the honesty and transparency of the new business model. His vision is to promote transparency and accessibility to the chit fund customers of RBCF through the aid of latest technology. Sunil obtained his Masters in MIS from University of South Florida, Tampa and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.